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If you need to make changes or additions to an order please wait until the next business day when possible. Faq If an event is in progress and you need to speak with someone immediately call the following number.


What size tent do I need?
Rule of thumb is 10 square feet per person.

Are you’re Inflatables insured?

My Sales Representative is unavailable can someone else help me?
Sure. Although we encourage you to speak to your Sales Representative . if for whatever reason they are unavailable you can speak to anyone else. Please call the main number and someone can assist you.


What size dance floor will I need for 200 people?
The rule of thumb: 3 square feet of dance floor per dancing guest.
2/3 of the party can be dancing at any one time.
For 200 guests that would translate to 132 guests dancing at any one time.
132 guests x 3 sq ft per guest = 396 sq feet, translating to a 20×20 floor.
The closest floor to that would be 21′ x 21′ which is 49 sections.

I am having a party for 250 people how much space will I need?
Dinner parties require approximately 20 square feet per person. You would need a space that is approximately 50 feet wide by 100 feet long. Obviously these dimensions will change depending on the size of your tables, if you are going to have a dance floor, etc. A cocktail party typically requires about half the space.

How many glasses will I need for a cocktail party?
A good guestimate is approximately 1 glass per person per hour.

Is sterno provided with your chafers, samovars, and proofing cabinets?
No, you must order sterno seperately.

If I am having a buffet dinner how many plates should I order?
To allow for seconds you should generally order 1.25 plates per guest. This may change if you are serving multiple main courses.

If I am using small plates and creating “stations” for my buffet how many plates should I order?
A good guestimate is approximately 5 plates per person. Other factors to think about that may increase or decrease the number are how many stations are serving at the same time, how long is the event, do guests come and go or will they remain in the same area for the entire event.